About maker of website

This dictionary site arthkhoj.com was designed and implemented by Tilak Raj in year 2018. He made this site for his passion of help others in Punjabi language. He is also a successful translator of English to Hindi and English to Punjabi languages. Apart from it, he provide services in 25 languages of world. He has keen interest toward IT. He is nature lover. He loves travelling, net surfing, watching and making videos, art, fun.

As we discuss about his qualification, He is an M.A. (English), B.Ed. M.Sc.(IT). His hometown is Punjab. He has also worked as SEO expert for more than 7 years.  As  he has other websites including his professional website and technology blog.

Now world is changing rapidly and internet is growing at pace speed. Every searcher wants to save his/her time by using internet. Your mobile has given you easy access of internet so we will also make app of this website for you. It will make access of this online dictionary Easy.

Background and Goal of our website

Our goal is to make ease access of information to all internet savvy. In year 2018, Mr. Tilak Raj Ahuja thought a plan to make online dictionary . He was inspired from various websites which were providing good services. He was much interested to make far better website than others. So he made efforts to make such a beautiful website. You can search Punjabi meanings from English.

Before launch of Arthkhoj, English to Punjabi meanings were not appropriate on other websites. Some good websites were closed with their personal reasons. So he decide to make his own platform to help others. As a translator, he could think better about it, how a person irritates when he does not find accurate meanings from online dictionaries.  So he decided to make a robust platform for Punjabi meanings. Punjabi language is a worldwide languages. So a better helping website can make understanding better.

Mr. Tilak gave name to website Arthkhoj, it is hindi word arth and khoj [अर्थ की खोज].  Arth means Meaning in English and Khoj means Search.  So If we make meaning of it, means search the meaning of a word.

With clear view of giving best services, Arthkhoj will touch new dimensions in PUNJABI.  We will try our best to make your search comfort.




In www.arthkhoj.com – online Punjabi dictionary, we trying our best to add more and more English word with accurate Punjabi meanings. But we (Arthkhoj team) don’t take any responsibility of accuracy, completeness and quality of data. Please use meaning of word on your risk. We can only help you but can’t assure you at any point. Use any word on your risk only.




Arthkhoj- A Dictionary